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If you are on the list, but not found, please contact us so that we can update you about the class reunion updating everyone. Thank you.

If a name is in bold, then the person had been found.

I can add a link to your own site, create a page for you, and provide a spam-proof e-mail contact form for you.

Louis Abber Adrianna Adar
Marcelo Adar Charlotte Black
Mary Bradley Debra Boehner
Curtis Bradshaw Diane Brosley
Richard Butts Robert Cabral
Donna Cassidy Maria Cavaleri
Manuel Cid Michael Cintolo [email]
William Clark Gail Cohen
Carolyn Coplin Gail Costello
Jacquelin Crenshaw Rudy Cruz
Scott Davidson George Davis
Carmela Defeo Donna Defilippo
William Delfino Daniel Delaney
Paul Dembro [email] Linda Dixon
Richard Dorsey Paul Duggan
Christine Early Arthur Edwards
Jerry EppsLakeitha Evelyn
Annette Fantasia Sonya Fernandez
Carmen Figueroa Joseph Finnigan
Eric Francis Timothy Fraser
Steveanna Gaskins Gordon Gleaves
Jolene Gobbi Andrea Green
Stacey Harris Mark Herron
Tod Herron Quintin Hicks
Sharyn Hills Susan Hughey
Deborah Hulke David Iannone
Robert Ingemi Pamela James
Scott Jaundo Vincent Jette
Paula Johnson Karen Keller
George Kelley Christine Kennedy
Kevin King Robin King
Donald Lampron Louis Larry
John Lewis Dik (Richard) F. Liu [email]
Paul MacGregor Stephen Mack
Paul Mak April Marando (Giannelli) [email]
Miguel Martinez Anthony Mattaliano [email]
Daryl McKnight Julia Merren
Terrance Miller Onofrio Minafo
Alejandro Morales William Morgan
Robert Morse Wesley Mui
Edsel Neal [email] Dianne Newayno
Edward Offutt Michael Parsons
Gloria Pizzarella Gary Pustizzi [email]
Gina Raposa Daphine Redmond
Lisa Rhea Laura Richards
Leroy Rodriguez Sandra Rodriguez
Jennifer Roker Gerald Scaringello
Thomas Senuta William Silverstein [email]
Lisha Smith Xavier Taylor
Donald Tillman Robert Tricome
Derek Tyler Gentry Wallace
Frank Walters Helen Ward
Valena Watson Delsye West
Robin White Linda Yee
Stanley Yee Gina Zona


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