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I just uploaded my pictures from the October 8, 2011 class reunion.

The commencement booklet from 1981.  If you have others, let me know, so I can put those up. Same thing for the other class lists.

In 2004, April Marando complained about not having a class reunion, so I told her instead of bitching about, lets do something about it. I built this site. This prompted Tom Senuta to build the Facebook page for the school.

We are trying to get all our classmates in contact with each other, and with us and use this site to arrange a class reunion. If you see this, pass it on to others so we all can network and get in touch.

If you have the class lists for 1980, 1982 please contact me so that we can start the same for those years.

If you want a e-mail address, just ask. I can set up a link (or your own web page) to be linked to from the class page.  

If you provide me with a web page about you and your life and a couple of pictures, I can post it on the site. Or, if you have your own site, I can post a link to it.


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